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Upgrades that “Spark Joy” for Buyers-Top 6 Home Organization tips

Top 6 Home Organization Upgrades that “Spark Joy” for BuyersThanks to Marie Kondo and her hit Netflix series “Tidying Up,” home organization is a hot topic right now. Marie

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10 items of advice that confuse First Time Home Buyers: The Manke Group Reports

 Top 10 Myths That Trip Up First-Time Home Buyers  If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’ve probably received your share of advice from family and friends. Add to

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The Manke Group Reports: Discover What Buyers Will Pay in Today’s Market

What’s Your Home Actually Worth?   It’s easy to look up how much money you have in your savings account or the real-time value of your stock investments. But determining the

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What's ahead for Real Estate in 2019?

What’s Ahead for Real Estate in 2019?  As we begin another year, everyone wants to know: “Where is the housing market headed in 2019?” It’s not only buyers,

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